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Home Security System

Affordability, simplicity and awesome technology are the words now commonly being used to describe installed home security systems. Once described as expensive and clumsy, and reserved for the more well off, a technologically advanced and professionally installed home security system is now amazingly affordable and a “must have” for anyone who takes protecting their family and property seriously.
NYC Security Solutions have been providing professionally installed home security systems since 1998 and have been at the forefront of home security technology ever since. We are fully licensed security professionals who specialise in security cameras, alarm systems and all forms of electronic security.
Because we operate from retail shopfront business locations you can trust that we are always available for any assistance you may need either before or after you purchase. We invite you to call or visit us and avail yourself of our expert and friendly advice on how to choose the home security system that’s right for you.
We don’t operate from a mobile phone and van, or hide behind a fancy website with no physical address.

At NYC Security Solutions we make the following promises to you.

When you purchase a fully installed home security system from NYC it will provide the best possible value for money both now and in the long term.
We guarantee to provide the highest quality and most reliable security system we can find to suit your budget.
We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all installed home security systems. When choosing an NYC installed home security system you have our guarantee that the job isn't finished until you're completely satisfied. Plus all of our systems are covered by a full manufactures warranty for your peace of mind.

So before you get lured into a decision based on a cheap price and/or a slick presentation make sure you call or visit an NYC store, because you can’t put a price on long term peace of mind.
And make sure that you ask us for a copy of our FREE Home Security Guide which contains lots of great home security tips and information on how to choose a home security system