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Business Security System

NYC cameras are the only solution that make sense economically, technologically, and tactically when it comes to securing large Business facilities.

Business Security

From access control to electric NYC Security can offer business security products and solutions for any company in all industries. We understand that every business is different and can customise a business security solution that is best suited to your needs. And with 24 hour alarm monitoring you, your employees and your investors have the peace of mind that your company is constantly being protected.

Whether protecting a restaurant, retail clothing store or the family owned corner shop; NYC Security has the experience to ensure that the appropriate security measures are in place, helping reduce your losses and ultimately increasing your productivity.

Business Security Systems

With NYC Security, business security doesn’t have to be an afterthought. We have the knowledge and expertise to work with architects, structural engineers or designers before construction takes place, to carefully integrate a highly effective security system. However when that is not possible, we recognise the importance of designing a security system for an existing building in a sensitive, tasteful and functional manner. Whether your property involves single or multiple tenancies, your security system can be installed without disruption to your business.

Business Security Leasing

NYC Security Group is one of the few security companies that provide customers with the option of leasing. By replacing high, up front purchase costs with a small installation fee, and charging a low, NYC has reduced the price of electronic security dramatically. Each month, your payments are fixed and fully tax deductible in some circumstances. This option is excellent for businesses because of its flexibility to upgrade as your business grows.

Whether you need CCTV cameras or smoke detectors you can be assured your business and employees are being protected. Our job is to make your business is secure by providing a safe working environment. We will go to any length to offer the necessary safety measures. When you enter NYC Security, you can be sure the safety of your employees and business security will be our number one concern.

Detect. Assess. Respond. Instantly.

The NYC security system is a unique combination of thermal security cameras, video analytics software, and other intrusion detection sensors brought together in a scalable, customizable design. With the NYC security system, you can create a fully integrated perimeter security solution that provides accurate intrusion detection and instant visual alarm assessment capability while minimizing false alarms.

The NYC security system is the only solution on the market today that brings the control and monitoring of all of your perimeter security sensors together in one fully integrated and geo-referenced display.

It operates over the same IP network as your existing CCTV camera network, but displays all of your camera video and other sensor outputs on a single convenient display. Bringing all of your thermal cameras and other perimeter security sensors together in one convenient display gives you rapid threat detection and assessment, allowing you to deploy your assets efficiently, effectively, and to their full advantage.