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Video Surveillance Security Cameras

Whether you are looking to install a surveillance system in your home or business, we've got a solution for you. Home Security Store can provide complete camera coverage for both the interior and exterior of your property. Plus, what's better than being able to view your live camera footage remotely via your Smartphone? That's right, we've got it all at Home Security Store, including dozens of DVR and camera kits, which are compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. And we've got the information you need to make an informed decision on which system to purchase. Check out some of our informational pages below.

Security Camera Systems Overview

As crime rates continue to increase, so must everyone’s efforts to avoid becoming a victim. One of the best and most proactive approaches to increasing home security is the use of security camera systems. Most people either ignore or fear the unexpected, but very few actually take the time to actively prepare for it. Those who invest forethought into surviving a crime like a home invasion robbery by installing the best security equipment are often able to actually deter these types of crimes and experience a better sense of protection as a result. Installing a security camera system is a perfect example of the type of security device that actually serves to deter crime.

Many people live in fear of crime and feel a sense of helplessness in preventing it. While no one wants or expects to be burglarized, or to be the victim of a home invasion, the truth is that there is a likelihood that anyone reading this could be next. What is also true, however, is that there are deliberate steps that can be taken today to reduce the likelihood of someone becoming a victim of crime tomorrow. It is for this reason that a surveillance camera system is such a necessary component of an effective home security plan.

Outdoor Security Camera Systems Overview

There simply is no better way to consistently monitor activity around homes and other structures than by installing outdoor security camera systems. Learning how to select a good system and identifying the best places to mount outdoor security cameras are important first steps in making sure that home and business owners are getting the most out of their devices. A variety of different outdoor home security camera systems have been created to meet individual security needs and are relatively easy to install. When shopping for a system, most find it easier to do so after narrowing down their most specific requirements.

Wireless Camera System Overview

For a lot of people, a wireless surveillance system is a very good security solution. It is easy to install, can be relocated with less effort than a hardwired system and is capable of recording very high quality video, which can be played back or viewed live through a variety of different devices. Multiple cameras can be installed with a wireless system and, when installed correctly, few people ever realize any major differences between a wireless and a hardwired system. Wireless cameras are a good solution for people working to secure an average sized structure. They are also a good choice for people already using a wireless alarm system since they can be programmed to work together. People opposed to drilling additional holes in a building or those who may need to move a camera system in the future typically find that wireless security camera systems are more than adequate for their security needs.

Many people choose a wireless camera system because of the ease of installation in comparison to hardwired systems. The ability to transport wireless camera systems in order to move them from one location to another is also a common reason people purchase these devices, as such is virtually a hassle-free task. One drawback of these types of systems, however, is that they require less effort for a thief to disable.

Security Camera Systems Installation

In the process of selecting the right cameras to install, it will be necessary to know how wide of an angle is needed to effectively view what is going on in or around a property. It helps to know that a high millimeter camera translates into a narrow vision field, while a lower millimeter camera represents a wider vision field. One is not necessarily better than the other, but simply depends on what an individual would like a camera to monitor. Do not ignore this important detail as it is common for people to buy the wrong millimeter camera. If a customer asks or is unsure about whether to purchase a high or a low millimeter camera, we often suggest investing in a vari-focal camera, which can be manually adjusted to any millimeter ranging from 2.5 to 10. When selecting a camera, it is also important to note that there are differences between indoor and outdoor security camera systems. The most important difference relates to the camera’s ability to withstand dust and moisture, which is defined in what is known as an Ingress Protection rating (IP rating). If installing an outdoor camera system, a high IP rating is strongly recommended. This rating consists of a two-digit number, with the first digit indicating how much dust a camera can safely tolerate while the second digit indicates how well it can withstand liquids. Dust ratings range from zero to six, with six being the highest; while liquid ratings range from zero to eight, with eight being the highest. An IP rating of 68 is the absolute highest and best rating that an outdoor camera system can achieve.