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CCTV surveillance now lies at the heart of almost all electronic security systems.

With a proven track record in delivering CCTV solutions across all different industry sectors, whether you are upgrading your existing CCTV solution or starting from new,NYC Security Camera offers a complete end-to-end solution including system design, product specification, video management and storage systems, remote monitoring and system integration.

With many hundreds of manufacturers to choose from our sound knowledge of the core technologies is an essential part in the assistance we provide our customers in selecting the right products including:

  • » Cameras

  • » IP Network

  • » Servers

  • » Analytics

  • » Video Management Systems

NYC Security Camera bring these elements together into a seamless video solution and also investigate other technology integrations which enable our clients to better underpin their security policies.

Body Cameras C/CS lens: Cameras known as BODY TYPE - Allow fuction change and fit range of lenses. Can be fitted in outdoor housings Cameras will accept C or CS lenses.

Day-Night Cameras and IR LEDs Cameras: Day-Night CCTV cameras must have reasonable light to show a picture. Low light BW is always better, then BW, then EXVIEW colour.

MINI Camera: Mini Cameras - BW, BW Low Light, and Colour Mini Cameras Pinhole available.

Zoom cameras: Zoom Cameras - up to 264x magnification

White light camera: Waterproof CCTV cameras fitted with LEDs showing white light.

Waterproof cameras: Waterproof CCTV cameras all types. Waterproof BW camera, low light, IR, and cameras with white light LEDs.

Alarm Camera: Easy Home Surveillance - PUSH VIDEO, 5-sec Event Video Call. The Best Remote Software in the world compatible with iPhone, Android / Nokia Phone, iPad.

Low Light Cam: Low light cameras - BW cameras are normally better than colour in low light The order is normally BW EXVIEW (best) BW Colour EXVIEW Colour Cameras.

Dome Camera: Dome cameras CCTV High Quality - Vandalproof domes, Armoured domes, Low light domes, IR Domes. Domes with various lenses.