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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm services from Siemens monitor alarms from fire safety, burglary, intrusion detection or access control systems, whenever they occur in your company and make sure that the appropriate measures are taken. This includes the dispatching of emergency forces, fire brigades, police or technical specialists, who are equipped to provide immediate response to a threatening situation. Keeping people, operations, and assets safe and secure is a priority to every organization. Our alarm services are rendered by dedicated Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centers from Siemens. The specialized operating staff in these alarm centers forms a vital link between your company’s fire safety, security, and building automation systems and the appropriate intervention. Our alarm centers are represented worldwide and are compliant with local regulations and legal requirements. By employing the latest technology, such as audio and video verification of alarms, remote access management, video guard tours or video monitoring, alarm services from Siemens are the right answer to today’s ever increasing security needs. Companies across the world trust Siemens when it comes to professional Alarm Monitoring solutions and services. You can have the assurance that your security issues are being taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Peace of mind all year long!

On receiving the alert the service personnel immediately can alert you and the police, fire department or emergency personnel right away. So, whether you're there or away, you have protection, which acts like an invisible blanket around the people and things that you value most to. Our Customer Monitoring Center is supported by multi-tiered disaster preparedness procedures. So that it can operate at optimal levels under a variety of adverse conditions. Home security alarm monitoring professionals have the support of powerful computers and secure communications links with multiple backup systems.


  • Secure remote alarm and system function monitoring of your fire safety, security, and technical systems
  • Immediate response due to direct access to security guards, fire and emergency departments, and police forces
  • Prevention of disruptions or damages, reduction of potential hazards
  • Screened, trained, and highly specialized alarm operators
  • Certified centers in accordance with local legislation